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Protect Our Children NOW! is a project to protect pregnant women and their babies from vitamin D deficiency and its health consequences.  Approximately 80% of pregnant women are vitamin D deficient.  Deficiency is easy to avoid through education, regular testing and supplementation.

Test Your Vitamin D at Home

BSC videoPregnant women who choose to test at home, and who would like to contribute their health information to the project, are invited to enroll in the Protect Our Children NOW! project.  Upon qualification and enrollment, participants can order a vitamin D blood spot test kit and receive a free bottle of Bio-Tech Pharmacal vitamin D.  Participants complete the vitamin D test and online health questionnaire at home, receive their results online, and are notified when additional questionnaire answers and tests are needed, up to 3 times throughout pregnancy.

Pregnant women who are at least 18 years of age, 12-17 weeks pregnant, and reside in the United States can view the study details and enroll now! Enroll Here


A Simple Solution to Move Research into Practice

Routine screening and supplementation are simple and necessary steps to preventing vitamin D deficiency, solving this epidemic, and protecting our children NOW and in future generations

GrassrootsHealth has launched the Protect our Children NOW! project nation-wide. As the leader of the world’s largest vitamin D outreach project (D*action), we are bringing our scientific, educational, and program resources to each community to provide a proven approach to public health promotion, helping the community SHINE with the results of vitamin D health for pregnant women and their children.

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Long-lasting Benefits

The participation of pregnant women NOW will result in improved vitamin D health for pregnant women and their babies in this and in future generations.

Health Results for Action
Health outcomes will be tracked in order to fully demonstrate the results and to monitor for any unusual conditions.  The tracking is critical not only to the health of the individual but to the scientific validity of the results for the community.The results of the program will be fully reported in the scientific literature and to the community to aid in the further reduction of the vitamin D deficiency and the realization of benefits.

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