Certified D*practitioners at MUSC

The following practitioners have completed at least one vitamin D CME activity (Optimal Health and/or Pregnancy), sponsored by GrassrootsHealth and UCSD.

Angela Choi, MD – MUSC
Ryan Cuff, MD – MUSC
Lindsey Harward, MD (Resident) – MUSC
Megann Helton-Rieter, MD – MUSC
Faye LeBoeuf, CNM – MUSC
Julio Mateus Nino, MD, PhD – MUSC
Jill Mauldin, MD – MUSC
Roger Newman, MD – MUSC
Andres Rodriguez, MD (Resident) – MUSC
Ashlyn Savage, MD – MUSC
Sarah Shea, MD (Resident) – MUSC
Xujia Smith, MD – MUSC
David Soper, MD – MUSC
Carol Wagner, MD (Pediatrics) – MUSC