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Register to have your vitamin D levels tracked throughout your pregnancy, and be part of your local project to solve the vitamin D deficiency epidemic affecting pregnant women and babies.

When you join, you will also be participating in the world’s largest vitamin D project to solve the deficiency, D*action.

In registering, you will be expected to have your vitamin D serum level tested at specific times during your pregnancy:

  • at 12-17 weeks
  • at 22-26 weeks
  • at 32 weeks to birth

A test may also be recommended for your newborn baby (newborn tests must be completed within 2-3 days after birth).

Completion of a new health status questionnaire is to accompany each vitamin D test.

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We Can Do It Together!

Your participation in the testing and sharing your results and health status during your pregnancy and for your newborn will enable us to inform the public about the status of vitamin D in this population and track health outcomes associated with vitamin D sufficiency. Vitamin D deficiency and its negative health consequences do not need to exist. This project depends on a true 'GrassrootsHealth' movement.

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We are expecting to demonstrate the significance of this nutrient on prenatal and child health and, of course, in the prevention of many diseases for both you and your child. We very much appreciate your participation.

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Sunnily Yours,

Carole A. Baggerly
Director, GrassrootsHealth

Enrollment is Free

This is a limited enrollment, fully sponsored project. With a valid registration, there will be NO CHARGE for your participation in this project which includes:

  • vitamin D serum tests
  • your and your newborn’s new questionnaire entries
  • reporting of results to you
  • free vitamin D from Bio-Tech Pharmacal
  • use of HYLION Personal Health Portal tracking your health outcomes

You will get a follow up email each time testing is due reminding you it's time for your next test and health survey.


Registration for this project is only open for women who

  1. are newly pregnant (12-17 weeks gestation)
  2. currently reside in a participating South Carolina community
  3. agree to authorize the release of their medical/hospital records*
  4. agree to the project guidelines

Participants must also complete all tests within a specific timeframe in order to remain qualified for the program.

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* Information will remain strictly private to GrassrootsHealth and its designated research team.

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